Our Preschool

Our Programme is mindful of your child's unique journey

2-year-old KORU Programme

2-year-old KORU Programme

This is a settling in stage for your toddler who will learn through their curiosity and active exploration and play, thereby making learning meaningful. Your child will learn alongside other children.

3-year-old KOWHAI Programme

It is the preparing stage or our children who learn through sustainable interests and their language.

Their social needs are supported and extended accordingly as they learn alongside others.

4-year-old KAHIKETEA Programme

4-year-old KAHIKETEA Programme

This is the transition stage as your child is now growing up to be a competent and confident learner in communicating.

Discovering, exploring, negotiating, becoming more capable of reading and writing.

Up to 6-years old KAURI Programme

A special teaching programme with more literacy, numeracy, and reading skills developed (at a new entrants level) to get children off to a good start for school.